1. Where do WOOFFUN dogs come from?

WOOFFUN primarily rescues from South Carolina and Georgia. We work with 3 groups in particular: Palmetto Animal Rescue, Anderson County Animal Shelter, and Animal Aid of Dawsonville. These 3 groups are aware of what WOOFFUN is looking for – family friendly dogs, and we work closely together to ensure happy healthy dogs are coming to WOOFFUN.

2. Can I adopt litter mates?

No. WOOFFUN Does not adopt out 2 pups from the same litter to one family. Every puppy goes through a stage at around 6 months where they need to be separated from their litter mates. If this is not done, the pups will bond closely to each other at the exclusion of their human family. We are happy to have you adopt a puppy and then 6 months or a year later adopt another.

3. Can I put a deposit on a dog, and adopt later (IE: after vacation, this weekend…)

No. We don’t accept deposits on dogs or hold dogs.

4. Can I come meet a dog before submitting an application?

No. All of our dogs are in foster homes. Out of respect for our foster families you must first become an approved applicant with WOOFFUN.

5. Why does it cost so much to rescue?

WOOFFUN is a nonprofit rescue group. Everyone involved in our group is a volunteer; we are not making any money on the adoption of our dogs. The rescue fee covers what it costs us to bring the dog into rescue. WOOFFUN transports all of its dogs into New Hampshire. What this means is that your new pup has arrived in a van that stops every 4-6 hours between South Carolina and NH for feeding/watering/and potty breaks. If a pup becomes sick on transport- we carry a medical kit and are able to begin treatment as soon as symptoms appear. Each dog is in a size appropriate crate, in the same riding area as the drivers- we know what is going on with the dogs during transport. All of WOOFFUNs dogs are fully vetted- spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heart worm & lyme tested. Our dogs are also micro-chipped. The cost of rescue goes towards these services.

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