Emailing Wooffun

FORMER ADOPTERS PLEASE READ: If you need to contact WOOFFUN, please do so using our email: This is the email in your adoption paperwork. If you use other addresses to contact us, we may not receive your message…no good for anyone!Read More →

Those darn dog rescues with all of their rules and questions – what gives?

If you have tried to adopt a dog, you know what I’m talking about. Dog Rescues – so many in-depth, personal questions; just to adopt a dog! For goodness sake – do they really need all of that information?

After all – aren’t these homeless dogs? Wouldn’t any owner be better than being a dog, lamenting in rescue? Than being homeless??Read More →

Foster Homes Needed

We are looking for loving homes within 25 miles of Manchester, NH to give our pups a place to stay while they await their furever homes.

WOOFFUN rescues dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Our only requirement is a great temperament. WOOFFUN supplies veterinary care, heartguard/frontline, and food. You supply, a warm place to sleep, toys, and lots of love.  Read More →

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